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Seth Stewart ~ 42

Husband, father. .
3 yr old & 7 week-old boys
Married to Megan Stewart

Fell suddenly ill due to septic shock recently and has been in ICU at an Austin TX hospital for over a week.

Seth is highly respected and loved in the Art Community across the country. He gives constantly to others and is happiest when he can make another collector happy by finding a piece they’ve been looking for without success.

Seth is a Giver in our Art World, as evidenced by all who have come together to help “Give Back” to him and his family during this difficult time.

Collectors and Artists from all over the country, Europe, Japan.

As always, thank you for your love and support.


To enter the Stewart Family Waffle (drawing will be via Facebook Live on Sunday January 27)

  1. Go to the Facebook Group: Seth Stewart’s Friends, Fellows, and Fanatics
  2. Entries are $20 each
  3. Indicate how many spots you are buying in the Buy-In Thread
  4. Send PayPal under “FRIENDS AND FAMILY” to
  5. Take screenshot of your payment and post it in the thread for verification
  6. Important! Make sure you send as Friends and Family



List of donated artwork for Stewart Family Waffle

Picked By
Donated By
Joshua Friedman David Penny Austin City Limits, 24×36, a few tiny edge imperfections. sd/#'d Todd Slater poster
Patrick Milstead PJ Stith Government Mule AJ Masthay poster
Duke Ross PJ Stith Voodoo Catbox Gary Houston poster
Christian Zwileneff PJ Stith Dirty Heads (One corner ding) Guy Burwell poster
Carrie Mizell Brooke Alvis "Ondine" – Original Ink Drawing – January 2018, Size ~7.5" x 5.25" June Lee Loo original art
Charles M Avila Jr. Brooke Alvis "Buff-Tailed Bee and Pollen #3" – Original Painting – 2016, Size ~5.75" x 4.25" Vanessa Foley original art
Ben Stoudenmire Brooke Alvis "Hummingbird" – Original Graphite Drawing, Image size 3" x 3" (paper size 6" x 6") Zoe Keller original art
Ric Hersh PJ Stith 2003 – Teepee records Jeff Wood & Decker poster
Travis Stojanovich Keith Napolean Labyrinth Variant Craig Drake poster
Ric Hersh Brooke Alvis "Moon Tea ~ Study" – Original Painting – October 2017, Size ~5.5" x 3.75" Amy Sol original art
Tom Brock Stanley Owsley Primus2017 DC Jimbo Philips poster
Tony Funderburg Stanley Owsley Modern day plague DR Joey Feldman poster
Ty Yershoo Jeff Haidaczuk The Avett Brothers, Gilford NH Chuck Sperry poster
Wayne Clements Kyle Kissell Boombox – Raven – Iceberg House – Lantern Owl each 9×12. Matching #'s set of 4 Todd Slater Set of Posters
Marcos Navarro Evan Skelinton Peavey Crab drawing Teagan original art
Carter Wray JT Lucchesi Mystery Print JT Lucchesi poster
Calleigh Strong Dave Russo "PAGESIDE late 90's" 8×10 87/100 Dave Russo poster
Owen Dos Santos Dave Russo Kuroda Puppeteer 8×10" 177/200 Dave Russo poster
Jerrod Aragon Dave Russo Zappa with tentacles 8×10" 11/100 Dave Russo poster
Chris Torgerson Tori Bazz Blade Runner olive fan exclusive. Run of 75 Gabz poster
Matt Wroclawski Dave Russo Les Claypool" by me. 8×10" 19/100 Dave Russo poster
Mark Herta Moody Yo QOTSA Ottawa Justin Hampton poster
Brandon Ambrose Julia Hockley God loves you love God Jermaine Rogers poster
Danny Buccelli Jake Pierson Beetle OG Teagan original art
Heather Zimberg Mitchel Karas Umphreys McGee St. Auggie 2017 Tom Shaw poster
Brooke Blakely Alvis Dave Russo Taboot in Blue 5×7" x4 (unlimited) Dave Russo Set of Posters
Jason Thomas Dave Russo Kasvot Vaxt Oslo Norway 1981 official poster 11×14" 132/150 Dave Russo poster
Martin Christopher Dan Rondeau Night Of The Living Dead (Silver Screen Variant) Sara Deck poster
Alan Schwartz Connie Frost Set of mystery poster weights misc
Justin Talgo Connie Frost Set of mystery poster weights misc
Dustin Richmond Dave Russo phenway 098×10" ?/50 Dave Russo poster
Ric Hersh Joe Vanderveen Phish Baker's Dozen (NYC 2017) AE 36/50 Landland poster
Ric Hersh Mark Harris Primus St. Louis '16 Todd Slater poster
Melissa Aucoin Shaun Glodowski FTW chicago and Santa Clara Android Jones Set of Posters
James Arthur Shaun Glodowski Mondo wizard of OZ JC Richards poster
Todd Webb Jason Van Auken ATGIB Lava Foil. Edition of 25 Jermaine Rogers poster
Matt McKinney Blake Yekel Hlokk art prints matching set Tyler Stout Set of Posters
Christopher Lang Jim Cole WCEO Japan 2011. 24×16, flawless Jermaine Rogers poster
Jake Brandt Brian Marsh 2 Sets 4×6 poster weights winners choice fabrics misc
Joseph Nau Brian Marsh 2 Sets 4×6 poster weights winners choice fabrics misc
Dylan J. Carter William Vogds Jerry Garcia 75th Bday Red Rocks James Eads poster
Jon Mckinney Patrick Barger QOTSA LA 2018 NC Winters poster
Jon Mckinney Brian Foster Twiddle Washington DC, 9:30 club October 26/27, 2018 Owen Murphy poster
Debbie Bartkowski Lehane Brian Marsh DMB hollywood Bowl James Eads poster
Jeff Savoie Eric John Coopman 2018 Camp Bisco VIP poster S/N Serlo poster
Mark McMahon Jonathan Stilwell Primus LA Foil Todd Slater poster
Michael Green Paul Garrod Alien OG Tong original art
Nick Frisch Paul Garrod Ex Machina Reg Kurtz poster
Patrick Bettinger Michele Corcoran De Smet Lion & Tiger Set Todd Slater Set of Posters
Brent Higginbotham II Jason Magistro NIN 2018 LA show. M/NM Guy Burwell poster
Tim Albrecht Alec Hansen Then is Nothing OG Randy Ortiz original art
Jeff Johnston Kevin Mellinger OG Sketch Caleb Williamson original art
Terra Monteith Todd Noyes Cthulhu M/NM signed and numbered editions of 90 (lava foil) Todd Slater poster
Jordan Connor Stephen Adcock 311 Alpha Foil LE20 NC Winters poster
Chris Atten Chase Harrell Private Commission BDay print foil Jermaine Rogers poster
Beverly Cullinan Waite Greg Obeso Avett Brothers 2015 Miles Tsang poster
Derrick Ruales Aaron Drawdy Ex Machina Reg Kurtz poster
Angie Fouts Rich Gordon Pixies Chula Vista NC Winters poster
Stewart Eiss Garrett Scott Halloween II Matthew Peaks poster
Catherine Noelle Patrick Milstead Bertha Remarqued Richard Biffle poster
Lee Hilo Rich Gordon Shanghai sunrise of 20 Dan Mumford poster
Patrick Volkmar Kimberly Summers Willie Wonka figurine figurine
Thomas Talley Jim Watson NIN Foil Todd Slater poster
Adam Toutain Jim Watson Pearl Jam Wrigley SE Ames poster
Jason Yashinsky Kimberly Summers Democracy Chuck Sperry poster
Chris Torgerson Tyler Story Ripley OG from House Party Sara Deck original art
Jim Watson Joni JOhnson Band of Horses Chuck Sperry poster
Michael Hood Li Flud Mystery Tube minimum $200 value Mystery tube
Scott Herkes James Krambrink NIN SE Todd Slater poster
Warren Walters James Krambrink Pixies SE NC Winters poster
Jeremiah Bradtke Joni JOhnson Small print /10 Chris Pienta poster
Brent Higginbotham II Andrew Hartness NIN Chicago 18 Lava Foil of 30 Jermaine Rogers poster
Tom Clare Paula PArent Eddie Vedder Solo Tour 2018 Sao Paulo, Brazil Ian Williams poster
Jordan Welz Marcus Johnson Seer Gold of 25 Chuck Sperry poster
Stuart Westercamp Brad Willerton White Stripes Seattle Doodled Justin Hampton poster
Jacob Conklin Steven Rice Mystery Pack Spusta Mystery tube
Chris Gatzow Steven Rice Mystery Tube various Mystery tube
Eric Davis Max Warrock Buzzcocks Sparkle Foil Brian Ewing poster
Tim Albrecht Tank Villa Shaun of the Dead Rich Kelley poster
Spacy Wanderlust Tank Villa Labyrinth Reg Ise Ananphada poster
Brad Willerton Eric Davis Primus Angry BLue poster
Patrick Morris Eric Davis FTW Terrapin Foil Brian carroll poster
Tony Zakhir Chris Sittig Mystery Tube (Spusta, Emek, Random 3-4 FS prints) various Mystery tube
Brad Willerton Jimmy Tolan Primus ATL Teal Variant Uncut NC Winters poster
Mark Fuerstenberg Chris Fortuna 18×24 Madness Frame Up below $550 value Framing
Heather Zimberg Howie Silver A Start from the Mist Chengxiang Shang poster
Matthew T. Noël Adin Perl Predator 2 Color Variant AP 24X36 3/39 NC Winters poster
Marc Fellows Alex Scott Primus Art Print Foil Joey Feldman poster
Patrick Barger Tria-Dustin Fore Farm Aid 2016 poster
Shane Holland Tria-Dustin Fore Farm Aid 2018 poster
Jeff Schonhoff Nick Pellitteri Waterwheel 17-18 Pollock poster
Jason Bair Brian Paul QOTSA 18 Brad Klausen poster
Mike Alder Celina Johnson New, sealed copy of The Rock Poster Art of Todd Slater and accompanying print. Todd Slater Book & Print
Steffanie Morrison Andy Schmidt Mystery Handbill pack various
John Budny Andy Schmidt Primus/Dino Jr AE Todd Slater poster
Larry Cutler Pat Gildea WSP Philly 2014 Foil David Welker poster
Dare Cook Mark Suchanek JellyBlossom No Sky Foil Emek poster
Spencer Fulkert Stanley Owsley Misc Slap Pack Stickers
Roderick Stewart Kevin Reick Frame Up – 18×24 print or smaller, 2 acid free mats, black frame, 98% uv filtering acrylic lens Framing
Sonny Ketcham Robert Taylor Foo Fighters CA Emek poster
Julie West Hummel Christopher Lang Phish 18 Camden Taylor poster
J.R. Ragsdale Marcus Johnson NIN Dallas SE Todd Slater poster
Ellyn Bitume Tony Sipich Get Up from the Table Keyline Edition Jermaine Rogers poster
Andrew Hartness Michael Martin Beetlejuice NC Winters poster
Pedro Rampolla Michael Green Allies small defects Jermaine Rogers poster
Richard O'Brien John Fede Sco Mule David Welker poster
Joe Gillespie Patrick Diaz Pink lemonade dual color Lemonwheel v2 Polock poster
Patrick Barger Ariya McGrew DMB Come Tomorrow White Vinyl album Vinyl
Bryant Bowen Alex Sjoberg Dead & Co Summer 18 AJ Masthay poster
Rory Powers Chris Glisan Tree Hugger” 178g Driver #39/75 Tyler Stout Golf Disc
Cherie Donnaud Fuino Chris Glisan Umphreys Oakland CA Chuck Sperry poster
Michele Corcoran De Smet Chris Glisan Owl 2.0 Pinwheel Foil #8/10 Michael Fuchs poster
Eddie Shelley McKinney Chris Glisan Pretenders ACL Chuck Sperry poster
Emory Reeves Chris Glisan Nosferatu 15×36 #371/375 Ken Taylor poster
Mike Morley Chris Glisan WSP Ames Green Variant Chuck Sperry poster
Jordan Winey Chris Glisan Umphreys Asheville Foil Justin Helton poster
Mark Stowell Chris Glisan The Grails PP 1/12 22×38 Horkey poster
Paul Kornberg Chris Glisan Trombone Shorty/Galactic 16×24 AP Neil Williams poster
Kevin Rieck Chris Glisan WSP/UM Lava Foil AP #6/22 Duval poster
Carter Wray Chris Glisan The Phish from Vermont ATX 18×24 SE # 417/650 Tyler Stout poster
Jeff Mingus Chris Glisan Jerry Bicycle Day #359/500 Marq Spusta poster
Carter Wray Shelly Sellars (Shipped by Chris Glisan) Beauty Lava Foil. 19/25 Chuck Sperry poster
Pat Gildea Chad Grattan Artifacts Emek poster
Carter Wray Meredith Metz Grateful Dead AJ Masthay poster
Brad Willerton Wes Teichmiller Jack White Omaha Todd Slater poster
Kristina Ness Wes Teichmiller Pixies Mansfield MA Kevin Tong poster
Carter Wray Wes Teichmiller The Aftermath Mike Sutfin poster
Michael Hood Michael Roberts Print & OG Jessica Seamans Set of Poster and OG
Adin Perl Julia Hockley WSP Vegas 18 Foil Todd Slater poster
Stephen Adcock Rachel Beth Curveball Fish from NYCC Pollock poster
Max Kuhnle Joey Feldman The Road to Baghdad Ralph Steadman poster
Jason Bair Patrick Kelley Bowie Solo BMFG poster
William Pinard Chase Ward NIN Dallas SE Todd Slater poster
Dave Lawrence Chris Olsen WSP Memphis Girl Foil David Welker poster
Rob Snowflake Andy Farrimond Isle of Dogs Reg Tyler Stout poster
Zach Booth Moody Yo Foo Fighters Foil Calgary 18 poster
Ric Hersh Dee Minicucci Pearl Jam Wrigley Andrew Fairclough poster
Chris Atten Bradley Caballero 10×3 Spidey BMFG poster
Jon Bresemann Bradley Caballero Dave & Tim Erica Williams poster
Kelley Baker Rosado Bradley Caballero Mumford & Sons poster
James Tilley Anthony Gray Skuyll AP & PJ Slap Joey Feldman poster & Sticker
Carter Wray Alex Sjoberg SCI NYE AJ Masthay poster
Lauren Tickey Dan Rodewald Primus Foil of 25 & TWI Lighthouse 20/100 Joey Feldman posters
Don Carter Melissa Agnew Homeade Hobbes doll figurine
David Rubenstein Chuckie Valdez Northwoods Variant Tyler Stout poster
Emiel Blijsie Chuckie Valdez Migration III Reg Tyler Stout poster
Nicole Elliott Jay Kopitsky $350 Framing Credit winner pay shipping Framing
Eric Davis David Stover Dr. Octagon Zoltron poster
Michelle Leahy Ben Hull Gopher Rider Reg Byous poster
Ben Stoudenmire David Stover Kurt Cobain Print – winners choice Megan Stover poster
Chris Torgerson Farrell McLaughlin QOTSA KC Foil Jermiane Rogers poster
Pedro Rampolla Chad Bracken Avengers Tyler Stout? poster
Nate Hobbs Brian Thompson A Forest Pejac poster
Stephen Adcock Ben Stoudenmire Cafe Art Print Timothy Pittides poster
Brian Foster Jeremy Fefel Pearl Jam Fenway 18 Ben Brown poster
Denzil H. Wilson Julien Rouleau Friday the 13th Robert Tanenbaum poster
Ryan Palko Sean Robare Universal Monsters 4 Pack Marq Spusta Set of Posters
Steven Miceli Valentine Reilly Phish Hampton 18 Reilly poster
Andrew Hess Valentine Reilly WSP St. Auggie 18 Varinat of choice Reilly poster
Daniel McGinn Brian Cox Zoltron Goodie Pack Zoltron Misc Pack
Ric Hersh Jesse Czelusta Primus Asheville NC Miles Tsang poster
Cameron Linton Josh Keithley LP Painting misc
Scott Stewart Angela Cooper DMB The Gorge Embossed Nt 3 pen and koozie Steely poster & Extras
Paul Nelson Jamie Traylor Disc Set Golf Disc
Jeff Savoie Chad Hamden Foo Fighters Seattle 18 Todd Slater poster
Pat Gildea Chad Hamden Blackline Art Print NC Winters poster
Todd Hayden Ben Hull DFH Pack – Chicory and Punkin Marq Spusta Set of Posters
Chris Price Justin Godshall Amos Lee 16 Landland poster
Joe Ross Justin Godshall Punch Brothers 2013 Landland poster
Thomas Talley Trista Olson Spusta Pack – 2 prints, 2 minis, and stickers Marq Spusta Mystery Pack
Mary 'Culhane' Dean Trista Olson The Roots that Ground Us James Eads Poster
Mike Schrock Jeffery Merrell 4×6 print choice + extras Jefferey Merrell poster
Corey Wyckoff Jeffery Merrell Phish NYE 17 John Ahrens poster
Edward Minter IV Alejandro Puyana Night of the Living Dead GID Pullin poster
Kyle Kissell Scott Wadsworth Mini Creature Caravan White Marq Spusta poster
Timmy Huynh Luke Martin Fairey Set Demagogue Shepard Fairey Set of Posters
Spencer Fulkert Joey Galbato Matching Number Primus Foils Zoltron Set of Posters
David Klingener Luke Martin NIN Vegas Luke Martin poster
Rachel Beth Luke Martin Phish NYE MSG Luke Martin poster
Joe VanderVeen Luke Martin Childish Gambino Luke Martin Poster
Andrew Hess Stebbins Miller Gold Set Grateful Dead JT Lucchesi Set of prints
Jason Reinert Liz Whelan-Summers Pearl Jam Munk One Poster
Larry Cutler Michael Bennet Graveyard Collaboration Horkey/Holt poster
Jeremiah Bradtke Chris Lambertz Phish Austin 2018 Tyler Stout poster
Dave Smith Chad Hamden Spusta Pack +extras various Random Pack
David Stewart Mark Stowell Foo Fighters Wrigley Emek? poster
Joe Ross Mark Stowell Moe Red Rocks 18 Emek poster
Kevin Rieck James Billings 2 Ween 09 prints + EMP Signed ann. print tube Todd Slater poster
Alicia Joy Dylan Carter WSP Red Rocks 18 Zoltron poster
Chris Gatzow Thomas Talley Avett Bros Mystery tube various Mystery Tube
John Wintersteen Damien Caprasecco Exit through the gift Shop Tobin poster
Jeni C Enck Alisdair Horn Bob Dylan 66 – official second print Marijke Koger poster
Erik Beuc Alisdair Horn Jerry Garcia Indy 78 photo art print Tom Haggerty poster
Kevin Triplett Anthony Antonucci Pepperland Marq Spusta poster
Patrick Barger David Rubenstein Grand Canyon Roamcouch poster
Kevin Rieck Josh Britt Phish Raleigh NC 18 Dan Mumford poster
Carter Wray Max Schroeckenstein Dream Tracks Foil of 75 James Eads poster
Kyle Balcerak Patrick Kelley FTW chicago and Santa Clara Baker poster
Beverly Cullinan Waite Carsen Jacobsen Avett Bros NM 13 Todd Slater poster
Rachel Beth Tom Clare Eddie Vedder 17 David Welker poster
Rob Snowflake Tom Clare Edward Scissorhands Laurent Durieux poster
Jethro Felton Tom Clare Avett Bros Todd Slater poster
Ellyn Bitume Tom Clare Pixies DC 17 Zeb Love poster
Vinnie Lombardo Tom Clare WSP St Louis Test Print Miles Tsang poster
Alex Clark Tom Clare Joker Foil 9/10 BMFG poster
Craig Brown Ryan Sloan Furthur Capitol Theater David Welker poster
Corey Wyckoff Ben LaFond Ink on paper original sketch 2.375 x 4” Brandon Holt original art
Chris Myrick Ben LaFond Flight of the conchords – slight damages googly eyes Horkey poster
Warren Walters John Tolan 18×24 Itoya portfolio misc
Wayne Clements Stewart Eiss QOTSA & Primus Guy Burwell poster
Chris Hirsch Leslie Henrie Pixies AP M/NM Timothy Pittides poster
Brad Baxter Leslie Henrie Owl Out of Chaos Joey Feldman/Ben Kwok poster
Brian Gabel Leslie Henrie Ween Chicago Night 1 (AP) and Night 2 (SE) NM (1 prize) David Welker Set of posters
Richard Steinberg Jerrod Aragon The Archivist – 100/100 (unsigned by Daniel, signed by Aaron) Horkey/Danger poster
Nick Leia Snow Jerrod Aragon Fragile NIN Lavender variant 36/50 NC Winters poster
Kenny Blair Bruce Horan Flyby. 16×20 on somerset velvet AP Bruce Horan Art print
Craig Coleiro Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan One off Bender JLU printed on wood. Signed on back Mike Mitchell Wood print
Robert E. Grasing II Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Royal Flycatcher Fat Bird 48/100 Mike Mitchell Print
Jessica Lin Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Royal Flycatcher Fat Bird 47/100 Mike Mitchell Print
Tim Albrecht Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Endangered Species JLU AP Mike Mitchell print
Ben Young Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Endangered Species JLU AP Mike Mitchell print
Emiel Blijsie Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan JLU Subscription Pack #1 (each pack contains 9 – 11 separate JLU prints) Mike Mitchell Print Pack
Chris Howard Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan JLU Subscription Pack 2 (each pack contains 9 – 11 separate JLU prints) Mike Mitchell Print Pack
Nick Frisch Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan JLU Subscription Pack 3 (each pack contains 9 – 11 separate JLU prints) Mike Mitchell Print Pack
Adam Toutain Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Black Box 1. Each box contains multiple prints: JLUs, Food Dudes, Skully’s, stickers, coasters, key chain, magnet, koozie and more) Mike Mitchell Print Pack
Patrick Barger Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Black Box 2 Each box contains multiple prints: JLUs, Food Dudes, Skully’s, stickers, coasters, key chain, magnet, koozie and more) Mike Mitchell Print Pack
Chris Gatzow Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Black Box 3 Each box contains multiple prints: JLUs, Food Dudes, Skully’s, stickers, coasters, key chain, magnet, koozie and more) Mike Mitchell Print Pack
Mark Suchanek Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Black Box 4 Each box contains multiple prints: JLUs, Food Dudes, Skully’s, stickers, coasters, key chain, magnet, koozie and more) Mike Mitchell Print Pack
Seth Stewart Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Black Box 5 Each box contains multiple prints: JLUs, Food Dudes, Skully’s, stickers, coasters, key chain, magnet, koozie and more) Mike Mitchell Print Pack
Emiel Blijsie Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Adventure Time Reg & Variant (AP 29/30) Mike Mitchell Set of prints
Pedro Rampolla Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan I’m With Coco by Mike Mitchell. Signed, not numbered Mike Mitchell poster
Luke Day Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Octo Skully AP Mike Mitchell poster
Carter Wray Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Scarface (Reg) AP. Signed Mike Mitchell poster
Don Carter Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Tame Impala Dallas. Signed AP Mike Mitchell poster
Max Sesing Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Tame Impala Dallas. Signed AP #2 Mike Mitchell poster
Tim Albrecht Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Iron Giant. Red Version. Signed AP #19/40 Mike Mitchell poster
Seth Stewart Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Iron Giant. Red Version signed AP #22/40 Mike Mitchell poster
Luke Heister Martin Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Iron Giant Yellow Variant signed AP #38/40 Mike Mitchell poster
Christian Arrieta Mike Mitchell shipped by Chrs Glisan Scarface Variant signed AP Mike Mitchell poster
Keith Schemmel Greg Kocher 4 poster some other stuff various poster bundle
Michele Corcoran De Smet Rebecca King Autumn’s Bloom Test Print Dan May Poster
David Rubenstein Rebecca King Mystery Mini pack Marq Spusta Mini pack
Todd Hayden Arrow McDaniel ART CAR Jermaine Rogers poster
Christian Zwileneff Arrow McDaniel MOTHER EARTH James Eads poster
Jimi Porter Sheridan Burgess Janis Joplin litho pearl test. Wide Spread Panic Bob Masse purple test and 3 handbills. Plus multiple other goodies in tube when shipped. Bob Masse Poster bundle
Larry Cutler Chris Price Double side test print – Phish alpine valley, Mike Gordon band, and For Mary. The back is Weird Science and the Old Royal Hall Landland Poster
Kevin Triplett Sally Burton AP 7/31/10 Charlotte, NC JT Lucchesi poster
Jassen Campbell Nate Soriano “Fire Fish” SN #17/500 – small top corner bend Feldman/Pollock poster
David Rubenstein John Budny Night Comes Black and Sigur Ros St Paul. Horkey Poster Bundle
Jeremiah Bradtke Brent Folke Variant Pinwheel Foil edition of 20. The band, Puscifer. Jermaine Rogers poster
Jessica Stone Diane Mitchell Funkify Your Life Photo of winners choice photo
Richard O'Brien Mark Skeens silver copy of Chuck Sperry's Chthoneon book Chuck Sperry Book
Łuke Milån Nathan Terry Our Immortal Nature, regular and gold foil edition Palehorse Set of Posters
Chris Atten Will Yates 4 vintage style location prints Unknown Poster Bundle
Dennis Magat Aaron Rainbolt/Nerdlocker Hellraiser Enamel Pin/Sticker Full Set 34 pieces pin
Chad Hamden Zoe Keller Dall Sheep print and copy of latest Zine with dedication in front Zoe Keller Print
Jeni C Enck Matt McCracken VIP access to a show of your choice to see Galactic on their current tour. Pass is good for you and a +1 excluding shows at festivals Music ticket
Ben Stoudenmire Chistopher Skowronski Framed Neil Young Commission Mini Joey Feldman Framed print
Joe Ross Christopher Rosier YEMSG LE Foil (#6/10). Nick DiFabbio poster
Shappy Shapiro Clay Cook Unbreakable DanMumford poster
Jonny Greco Ian James Grateful Dead Egypt "Milestones – Sphinx" Justin heltonn poster
Vincent Fazio Mike Maguire 2010 Metropolis Castro movie posters. Matching # 125s of 125 David O'Daniels Set of Posters
Cherie Donnaud Fuino John Wintersteen Primus print. It’s on Stardream Gold from an edition of only 35 Jermaine Rogers poster
Devin Conner Keith Morgan Serpentine regular NC Winters poster
Zachary McCrocklin Keith Morgan “Prisoner” Vicodin Variant resin figure, fig measures 1.5” Luke Chueh figurine
Patrick Barger Keith Morgan sealed copy of Leagues Beneath by Sleep on vinyl vinyl
Cory Swinton Stuart Westercamp Primus Texas 2016 Justin Hampton poster
Jeffery Merrell Stuart Westercamp Primus 2013 Justin Hampton poser
Rebecca Pecsok Patrick Carter shipped by PJ Stith Panic Struck Patrick Carter poster
Rachel Beth Patrick Carter shipped by PJ Stith Reset Preset Patrick Carter poster
Michele Corcoran De Smet Patrick Carter shipped by PJ Stith 3 Years Patrick Carter poster
Anthony Russotto Patrick Carter shipped by PJ Stith Van Dali Patrick Carter poster
Leslie Fitch Henrie Jerrod Aragon shipped by Christopher Skowronski This Yellow Brick Road Goes Nowhere Framed Lava Foil 16/25 Jermaine Rogers Framed print
Martin Christopher Kelly Fitzsimmons Halloween package. Halloween 2018 regular, Loomis and Pumpkin EWAF Edmiston Poster Bundle
Stewart Eiss Chris Schwall Iggy Pop rainbow foil Todd Slater poster
John Fede Ric Hersh/Screens and Suds Mystery paper Larry Marq Spusta poster
Robert Sommerfield Wayne Clements Band signed Alice in Chains Foil Jermaine Rogers poster
Thomas Talley Jared Ferrara-Abel West Village Keyline Variant DavidWelker poster
Ben Stoudenmire Keith Schemmel Twiddle Mona Lisa Joey eldman poster
Aimee Kosta Kat Lamp Avett Brothers Red Rocks 2017 GA Uncut artist edition, 46/50 Kat Lamp poster
Cherie Donnaud Fuino Ryan Palko Analog children Purple JT Lucchesi poster
Zach Booth Thomas Corrigan Strange Attraction 3 Copper Birds Todd Slater poster
Jerhemy Gallagher Marq Spusta On Our Way Marq Spusta poster
Eric John Coopman Julie West Hummel Mystery tube with prints, handbills, and slaps. various Poster Bundle
Chip Anzi Rebecca King Gazings Marq Spusta Poster
Alisdair Horn Daniel Neal Puscifer lava foil variant of 10. It is not signed or numbered Dave Hunter poster
Dave Lawrence Dere Hull via Ben Hull Foo Fighters Foil Todd Slater poster
Dustin Richmond Jason Edmiston Jaws Movie Poster Jason Edmiston Poster
Cherie Donnaud Fuino Ric Hersh/Screens and Suds Matching number set of Marc Guertin's Phish Silouettes set. Set #11 signed and numbered. They are 12" x 12" on foil Marc Guertin Poster Bundle
Geoff Strohl Stanley Owsley Medium Shirt,slap pack, fu man slap and flying eyeball slap Bundle Bundle
Jason B Smith Stanley Owsley Large Shirt,slap pack, fu man slap and flying eyeball slap bundle Bundle
Owen Dos Santos Stanley Owsley Extra Large Shirt,slap pack, fu man slap and flying eyeball slap bundle Bundle
Mark Fuerstenberg Stanley Owsley XXLarge Shirt,slap pack, fu man slap and flying eyeball slap bundle Bundle
Mark Razmov Mark McMahon Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds SPAC 2017 582/1100 James Eads Poster
Michael Romano Mark McMahon DMB SPAC 2018 828/870 James Eads Poster
Paul Kornberg Mark McMahon DMB West Palm 2018 499/900 James Eads Poster
Vi Dhanaraj Mark McMahon Cthulhu lava foil 21/90 Todd Slater Poster
Jassen Campbell Mark McMahon Mass Exodus regular 17/100 Todd Slater Poster
Rich Gordon Mark McMahon Mass Exodus variant 25/50 Todd Slater Poster
Thomas Talley Mark McMahon Strange Attraction 4 red 151/200 Todd Slater Poster
Dwayne Madden Mark McMahon 1% Pig regular 30/50 William SMith Poster
Eloise Howard Mark McMahon Unknown Object 20/40 Killian Eng Poster
Eddie Shelley McKinney Mark McMahon Dead & Co Noblesville A.P. Kyle Baker Poster
Chad Hamden Mark McMahon Primus LA show edition 197/300 NC Winters Poster
Steve Lappat Sebastian Spence WSP Oakland '14 #351 Chuck Sperry Poster
James Berger Cindy Hoffman Mystery Mini Pack Marq Spusta Mini Pack
Ric Hersh Cindy Hoffman Mystery Mini Pack Marq Spusta Mini Pack
Carter Wray Wayne Clements Mystery Tube Marq Spusta Mini Pack
Jethro Felton Wayne Clements Mystery Tube Marq Spusta
Gordy Dana Simon Viles Wizards House David Welker Poster
Joseph Nau Billy Perkins shipped by Chris Glisan Widespread Panic Austin 2016 Maple wood panel #5/25. Signed Billy Perkins Poster
Aaron Armstrong Billy Perkins shipped by Chris Glisan Manhunter Private Commission 24×36 print with GID ink. Signed Billy Perkins Poster
Alicia Joy Billy Perkins shipped by Chris Glisan Pure Evel. 19×25 art print #12/100 signed Billy Perkins Poster
Carter Wray Billy Perkins shipped by Chris Glisan Metallica Pittsburgh 2018 Foil. AP. Signed Billy Perkins Poster
Tim Wachter Billy Perkins shipped by Chris Glisan Widespread Panic Austin 2008 #4/107. Signed Billy Perkins Poster
Carter Wray Billy Perkins shipped by Chris Glisan Umphrey’s Austin 2018 Mirror Foil #49/50…signed Billy Perkins Poster
Alejandro Puyana Tom shaw “The Surveyor” AP copy on cotton rag with deckled edges Tom Shaw Poster
Michael Zeng Ben LaFond “Persephone” (2nd Ed Printer’s Proof #14/15) John Dyer Baizley Poster
Adam Stewart Ben LaFond Metallica Four Horsemen (Printer’s Proof #1/20) John Dyer Baizley Poster
Hans Ihlenfeldt Michael Smith 28 days later variant 87/250 Jock Poster
Cindy Hoffman Amy Derr Handcrafted Herkimer Diamond & Sea Glass Pendant Jewelry
Randall Gasa Any Schmidt QOTSA AE – 90/90! Zoltron Poster
Brian Wigley Jenn McDowell QOTSA Madison, WI ZebLove Poster
Wayne Clements Kevin Hawkins Festina Pêche handbill w/ beer labels Marq Spusta Mini Pack
Cole Fuller Kevin Hawkins Lemongrass Mini Pack Marq Spusta Mini Pack
David Rubenstein Kevin Hawkins 3 hat pins w/ slap Mark Serlo Pin Bundle
Edward Minter IV Dan Villegas MCU Phase I tube. All theatrical double sided 1 sheets Poster Bundle
Heather Zimberg Liz Cullen Phish Baker’s Dozen Purple Sloth foil. Signed #5/57 Michael Boyer Poster
Jerhemy Gallagher Patrick Barger “Tell me how to help you” Full size – Onyx variant Jermaine Rogers Poster
Ben Stoudenmire Sean Farell Mystery Mini Pack Marq Spusta Mini Pack
Kyle Kissell Keith Rosenblum It Timothy Pittides Poster
Joe Ross Keith Rosenblum Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Poster
Jamie Collette David Rubenstein Sudan Regular Joey Feldman Poster
John Wintersteen Dwayne Madden Twiddle 19/375 Chuck Sperry Poster
Jason Yashinsky Yamir Velez Justin Helton 4 Print Tube Justin Helton Poster Bundle
Aaron X. Grieco Ryan Hester new & unused Print Capsule from Baroque and inside will be this print from the Sing Out Loud Festival from St Augustine in 2018
Bryant Bowen Matt Sulivan Sin City regular and variant matching number set (1 prize)
Simon Viles Matt Sulivan Converge/Neurosis (Birds in Row edition) Horkey Poster
Carter Wray Matt Leunig String Cheese Incident – New Years 2018 Uncut triptych (24” x 36”, Signed/AP).. Matt Leunig Poster
Blake Bellamy Kevin Tong shipped by Matt Sullivan Swallows Original inks Kevin TOng Original Ink
Chris Torgerson Kevin Tong shipped by Matt Sullivan Ephemeral and Siege regular prints Kevin TOng Print Bundle
Paul Garrod Kevin Tong shipped by Matt Sullivan Ephemeral and Siege regular prints Kevin TOng Print Bundle
Timmy Huynh Hans Ihlenfeldt GBH Variant Ananpheda Poster
Dennis Magat Hans Ihlenfeldt Gremlins 2 Cooper Poster
Keith Rosenblum Hans Ihlenfeldt Matrix Kilian Eng Poster
Joe Keenan Adam Stewart Rainbow Foil Foo Fighters Mike Fudge Poster
Ryan Swerdlin Vincent Fazio Mouse catcher set 28/150 Joey Feldman Poster Set
Stuart Westercamp Ben Hull Turf Club sponsored by Radio KSigned and numbered Derek Whitt Poster
Rainbow Sunshine Anthony Belenardo phish poster from msg 2017-2018 holiday run. Rich Kelley Poster
Jason Bair Matt Dey Matching set of Bowie Foils on Oil Slick and Star Foil Signed and numbered, editions of 35 Matt Dey Set of Posters
John Cooper James Flames "Dazed and Confused", Metallic Gold Inks Variant, Official Screen Printed Poster, 24" x 36", signed and numbered AP edition, (#AP 32/35) James Flames Poster
Alicia Joy Richard Cohen Wood Jerry JT Lucchesi Poster
Zeke Anouna Richard Cohen matching numbered set of Biffles Rchard Biffle Set of Posters
Rob Diefenbach Richard Cohen Chameleon Todd Slater Poster
Aaron Armstrong Richard Cohen AE CA red rocks print Marq Spusta Poster
Jason Yashinsky Richard Cohen Hand finished Butterfly Kwok Poster
Mike Vogel Richard Cohen 2015 WSP Spring Tour Road Map JT Lucchesi Poster
Carter Wray Radio Child/Gail Lee WSP RR 25th Anniversary Print 2011 Jeff Wood Poster
Michele Corcoran De Smet Ben Hull 1 Percent Pig 1st Edition William Smith Poster
John Budny David Klingener Night of the Living Dead – Lava Foil. Edition of 6 Zeb Love Poster
David Rubenstein Justin Talgo Ripple Eric Hill Poster
Charles Nelson Justin Talgo WSP test/blackline from the panic 16 spring tour Haywood Thomas Poster
Jason Reinert Mark Skeens Nick Cave inspired skate deck from Fast Times Australia Chuck Sperry Misc
Barry Levine Mark Fuerstenberg Mystery Pack Marq Spusta Pack
Tiffany Fess Mark Fuerstenberg Mystery Pack Dan May Pack
Maeghan Ann Lucks Mark Fuerstenberg Mystery Pack James Eads Pack
Joseph Nau Paul Seal Neurosis / Converge Tour 18 Blue Version Horkey Poster
Tim Fraley Jason Tapp Sperry Jerry 4 Cuck Sperry Poster
Jerhemy Gallagher Tim Fraley WSP 1999 AP JT Lucchesi Poster
Brooke Blakely Alvis Kurtis Hill TAB 2015 Poster
Chris Tomblin Doug Heck WSP Bham 18 Justin Helton Poster
Sean Robare Cola JArnigan Panicstream Lady + Set of 13 Point Bolt Poster Weights Jeff WOod Poster
Tony Falsone Josh WHitemouse Dragon Poster
Patrick Dillaman Alan Safran Modern Day Plague DOctor Magenta JOey Feldman Poster
Molly Newman Raul Ramirez Mondocon Matching Numbered Set Richey Beckett Set of Posters
Chris Torgerson Miles Tsang Pearl Jam Miles Tsang Poster
Heather Zimberg Mayumi Set of 5 Mini Prints Mayumi Set of Mini prints
Gabe Guynes David Welker Skull Ship Night Variant AP David Welker Poster
David Thomas James FLames OG Inking James Flames Original Ink
Matt McKinney Jaime wykle Monarch Bear Joey Feldman Poster
Beth Snyder Parker Rayner Jackson Sperry Jerry2 Chuck Sperry Poster
Chris Smith Rayner Jackson NIN Signed by Emek Emek Poster
Steffanie Morrison Rayner Jackson WSP Broomfield CO Uncut Jeff Wood Uncut Poster
Andrew Hess Rayner Jackson Fare Thee Well Foil Biffle Signed Richard Biffle Poster
Paul Kornberg Neal Williams OG Clayboard drawing from Dave & Tim Tuscaloosa show Neal Williams Poster
Tanner Hawkins AJ Masthay Mystery Print AJ Masthay Poster
Richard O'Brien Kate Benson WSP NYE 1999 Atlanta CBrown? Poster
Joe Gillespie Rayner Jackson Mystery Print Poster
Aaron Armstrong Rayner Jackson Mystery Print Poster
Jared Ferrara- Abel Chase Harrell Love in 7 Seconds/Love in a Memory James Eads Set of Posters
Brent Higginbotham II Chase Harrell WSP Oakland 2015 Chuck Sperry Poster
Dwayne Madden Chase Harrell Kurt Cobain Centrifuge Test Print 1/1 Matt Dey Poster
Warren Walters Chase Harrell 311 The Woodlands 2018 NC Winters Poster
Ty Yershoo Mateo Rose WSP Halloween Sparkle Foil JT Lucchesi Poster
Jami Mae Mateo Rose Band signed Leftover Salmon Chuck Sperry Poster
Beanda Jeanbean Jaime Wykle Band signed Government Mule Ashes and Dust AJ Masthay
Joe Guzzi Jim Pollock & Jeni C Enck Fire & Ice AP Set Joey Feldman & Jim Pollock Set of prints
Jason Yashinsky Jim Pollock & Jeni C Enck Phish LA Forum ‘18 AP set #5/50 Rich Kelley Set of Posters
Joshua Hintze Ayrio Cronin Kurt Cobain Lithograph Marc Guertin Print
David Rubenstein Jaime Wykle Handbill/Sticker Pack Various Pack

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